How It Works

Two actors are filmed performing a duologue on the Globe stage or Globe rehearsal spaces. Each section of their speech is shot numerous times, each time performed with a different emotional state e.g. happy, angry etc. The virtual ‘director’ then views a list of the ways the actor has performed the line, watching each of the variations to help them choose. They then add their choice to a dynamic storyboard; slowly building the scene with their personally selected clips.

At the end of directing a scene the user is asked for their name, which is seamlessly added to the end credits. Now the scene is complete the virtual director has three and/or options: watch it back, email it, upload it directly to their Facebook page or YouTube.

There is no limit on how many times one can direct the scene, email it or upload it to Facebook.

About Staging It

Staging It is a digital platform that allows anyone to ‘direct a scene’ at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Staging It is a highly innovative interactive film that fuses specially created footage, filmed on location at the world famous Globe stage, with ground breaking custom made software. It allows a user to compile a scene by choosing from a selection of clips provided.